New Catalogue 2019 / 2020

From Matrix Electrónica we want to start our new year with the new catalogue of Vertical Solutions 2019 / 2020 (Spanish). In this updated catalogue, apart from a brand new layout, you will find our highlighted products organized under the following sections: 

  • Metering
  • Energy
  • Industrial automation
  • Transportation
  • Gaming & vending
  • Traffic
  • Building automation
  • Medical & fitness
  • Security
  • Unified communications
  • LED lighting

This year we have extended some sections like metering, traffic and LED lighting, and each category highlights our most relevant related products. Don’t forget you can check the rest of our wide variety of products on our website,

For inquiries about any of our products, you can contact your sales representative in Matrix Electrónica, or go to our contact page.

For a 2019 where technology keeps bringing us together.

Merry Christmas… and connected New Year!

In Matrix Electrónica we are always thinking about ways to improve the connectivity of our customers, so we want to wish you happy Holidays and a more and better connected New Year.

Our hope for these days of celebration and for 2019 to have technology bring us closer and to help create more accesibility, security and sustainability for all.


The Matrix team,


Being a leading provider of NAND and DRAM flash memory module solutions with high performance, superior quality and durability, ATP has a series of industrial SD cards at the head of the market.

With reliable performance in any environment, these reinforced flash products are designed to work constantly in conditions of extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and humidity. Its SIP (System-in-Packaging) manufacturing process, encapsulates all exposed components and points of failure to ensure that the products are fully waterproof (IEC 60529 IPX7), dustproof (IEC 60529 IP6X), shockproof, and ESD (electrostatic discharge). The memories can withstand an extended temperature range from -40ºC to +85ºC.

ATP SD/SDHC/SDXC industrial cards are designed for applications in demanding sectors such as automotive, healthcare, aviation, where there is critical data that requires the highest level of reliability, duration, and data integrity. SD/uSD and CF cards are available in different NAND Type configurations (MLC, SLC and SLC mode).

All ATP products come with a fixed BOM policy, which will guarantee the very same product over the entire lifespan until it becomes EOL.


Industrial Micro SD

Within the family of industrial SD cards, the ATP micro SD has multiple features for industrial applications such as military, automotive, marine, aviation, etc. Their MTBF (meantime between failures) at 25°C is 5,000,000 hours, and it has capacities from 512MB to 64GB.



Industrial Compact Flash

Another kind of cards within the ATP SD series is the Compact Flash. Its S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) functionality controls different resistance and reliability parameters, signaling activity outside the normal range. This information helps predict storage errors to take preventive measures. Their MTBF (meantime between failures) at 25 ° C is 2,000,000 hours, and it has capacities from 512MB to 32GB.

New Knowledge Center

The new Knowledge Base is here. This new website tool, allows any user to access in a simple and intuitive way to all the MTX software manuals indexed contents:

  • MTX-Titan: firmware built-in in all the MTX-Router-Titan family devices.
  • MTX-Tunnel: optional firmware compatible will all MTX modems, turning them into powerful 4G/3G/2G gateways (coming soon).

The MTX website Knowledge Base is a functionality that will grow as more contents are added. Right now it has all the contents of the manuals of the Titan and Tunnel, and soon it will feature all the application notes. Its biggest perk are the internal links within the content, that allow to easily navigate the different sections. In addition, there’s a table of contents on the right column, so the user can go to a different section without the need to go back. This tool is specifically made to help users with questions about MTX software, so they can easily find answers.

You can access to the Knowledge Base from the main menu “SUPPORT.” You can also have a look on the following link.


CEBIT 2018 Summary

Last week took place the most important technological gathering in Europe, the CEBIT in Hannover, to which MTX and Cervello attended.

Like in past editions, MTX had a place at the fair showing its last new products, including the IoT cloud platform Cervello, that along MTX devices offer a wide range of solutions to most IoT applications. Moreover, the gathering had talks by experts, workshops and even concerts.

Take a look at some of the fair pictures and the MTX stand, including the Lego Smart City demo with a smart parking with presence sensors, and also temperature and humidity sensors.

See you at the next edition!

Crédito foto: CEBIT

Crédito foto: Matrix

Crédito foto: CEBIT

Crédito foto: Matrix

Crédito foto: CEBIT

Crédito foto: Matrix

Crédito foto: CEBIT

COB ámbar Landmark, la solución para iluminación sostenible

Recientemente, varias comunidades autónomas españolas han empezado a tomar conciencia sobre la problemática de la contaminación lumínica sobre todo en sus ciudades, y están en camino de implementar unas normativas que  persiguen una iluminación sostenible que sea más respetuosa con el medio ambiente y por lo tanto mejore la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos.

Estas normativas, indican que los proyectos de iluminación exterior a implementar en un futuro deben ser de luz ámbar con un índice espectral G mayor de un valor determinado dependiendo de la zona lumínica en la que se desee instalar el proyecto:

Zona lumínica Índice espectral G
E1, E2 y E3 insertas en E1 G > 2,0
E3 G > 1,5
E4 G > 1,0

Ante esta nueva circunstancia, Matrix cuenta con la solución de iluminación adecuada a la nueva normativa, el COB Landmark de Bridgelux, que es el único del mercado que cumple con todos los requisitos. Estos COB LEDs cuentan con diferentes formatos, desde Vero, Vero SE y V. Se han medido en condiciones de 25ºC y 85ºC, con un resultado de 2,6, lo que significa que se cumple con el índice espectral requerido en cualquiera de las zonas lumínicas. Esta solución es perfecta para preservar y acentuar la belleza de edificios históricos, minimizar el reflejo, y mejorar la seguridad callejera.

El COB Landmark se convierte así en la mejor alternativa de iluminación para los fabricantes de luminarias de exterior que quieran competir en el mercado de iluminación sostenible del futuro, adaptado a las necesidades de los ciudadanos y del medio ambiente.

A continuación podéis ver los diferentes modelos del COB Landmark. Para más información, consultad la página de LEDs multichip especiales, o contactad con nuestro equipo de ventas.

Producto CCT CRI SDCM Flux Corriente Eficacia LES
Gen. 7 Décor Street and Landmark Vero 10 2000K 65 3 1365 lm, 1322 lm 270mA, 350mA 145 lm/W 10
Gen. 7 Décor Street and Landmark Vero 18 2000K 65 3 440 lm – 5883 lm 1170mA, 1050mA 149 lm/W 18
Gen. 7 Décor Street and Landmark Vero 29 2000K 65 3 11440 lm – 17198 lm 1710mA, 2100mA 149 lm/W 29
Décor Street and Landmark Vero SE 10 2000K 65 3 1248 lm 270mA, 350mA 137 lm/W 10
Décor Street and Landmark Vero SE 18 2000K 65 3 4366 lm 1170mA, 1050mA 144 lm/W 18
Décor Street and Landmark Vero SE 29 2000K 65 3 11411 lm 1710mA, 2100mA 145 lm/W 29
Gen. 7 Décor Series Street and Landmark V10B 2700K, 3000K 97 2 & 3 999 lm – 1468 lm 270mA, 360mA, 350mA 102 lm/W,109 lm/W 10
Gen. 7 Décor Series Street and Landmark V13B
Gen. 7 Décor Series Street and Landmark V13C
2700K, 3000K 97 2 & 3 1789 lm – 2676 lm 450mA, 630mA, 500mA 106 lm/W, 112 lm/W 13
Gen. 7 Décor Series Street and Landmark V18B 2700K, 3000K 97 2 & 3 3504 lm – 5007 lm 900mA, 1170mA, 1050mA 107 lm/W, 113 lm/W 18
Gen. 7 Décor Series Street and Landmark V22B
Gen. 7 Décor Series Street and Landmark V22C
1750K 80 4 2576 lm – 3445 lm 900mA, 1170mA, 1050mA 84 lm/W 18

IoT trends MTX seminar in Durango

Durango will be the last stop of the IoT trends MTX seminar, closing the tour on May 31st, after its editions in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. As its predecessors, this seminar is for all of you who have an IoT project and want to know the direction Internet of Things is heading to.

The seminar, by the MTX Product Manager and Applications Engineer, will include a talk about the present and future of 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE networks, as well as a presentation of the latest MTX products: the new modem MTX-Java-IoT, compatible with MTX-Tunnel software; MTX-Router-Titan II, the new member of the Titan family; and the Cervello, the new cloud platform for IoT applications. Also, the seminar will feature demonstrations and practical cases for IoT solutions with MTX products. The atendees will be able to ask questions at a round table.

The location of the seminar will be announced soon, and will happen on May 31st from 9:30 to 13:30h.

If you want to attend, please register on this link (Spanish), where you can also suggest topics for the seminar. Don’t miss the last opportunity to attend to our seminar!

Whitepaper MTX-Titan

Recently, our MTX seminar about IoT trends took place in Madrid The event will be replicated in Seville on May 8th, and you can still register on the link (Spanish).

As well as analysing the current IoT trends, MTX-Titan software was introduced, a firmware included in the MTX-Router devices that turns them into independent equipment able not only to read, store and send data from sensors and other devices, but also control them via, for example, AT commands.

Here you can download a whitepaper about MTX-Titan, or visualize it below:


New Inventronics Long Lifetime Drivers, 10-year warranty

Inventronics has announced the release of a new series of LED drivers with a revolutionary design backed by a 10-year warranty. These Controls-Ready, programmable drivers were specifically designed with the intentions to provide a robust, industry-leading driver for those applications requiring extremely long operation life. They are ideal for industrial, bay, street, roadway, area and tunnel lighting.

The new EUD-DTL/DVL drivers are the result of several years of development and examination of the weak links in driver design. One unique aspect is that it eliminates the main weakness in LED drivers; the electrolytic capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are adversely impacted by the elevated temperatures commonly found in solid state lighting fixtures. By removing the use of electrolytic capacitors in addition to introducing other novel design and manufacturing techniques, the drivers have an ultra-long lifetime.

The new series offers several models supplying 96W, 150W and 240W power ranges and operate over a 90-305Vac input voltage range. They provide a high-level of design flexibility with programmable output currents from 450-6700mA and multiple dimming options including 0-10V, PWM and 3 timer options. This helps to reduce inventory and removes the need to design-in a new LED driver for multiple configurations.

The EUD-DTL/DVL series is controls-ready and ideal for operation with a wide variety of sensory and controls since it’s equipped with dim-to-off capabilities and an always-on 12V auxiliary supply sourcing up to 200mA. This allows them to power Inventronics controls modules directly, bypassing the power and voltage restrains associated with power packs and AC relays.

In addition to the new, more robust and innovative design, the series is IP67 rated (DTL version is also TYPE HL), which is great for environmentally harsh indoor and outdoor conditions such as street, area, bay and tunnel lighting. The EUD-DTL/DVL series also features over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection, plus a higher level of built-in surge protection: 6kV line-to-line and 10kV line-to-earth. These drivers implement the new external over temperature protection for LED modules, another key factor in significantly improving reliability and extending lifetime.

The new series is approved to UL, FCC, ENEC, CCC, TUV, CE, KS and CB standards. Production quantities of the EUD-096SxxxDTL/DVL, EUD-150SxxxDTL/DVL and EUD-240SxxxDTL/DVL series are available now:

Nuevas fuentes Opaniel

In our zeal to always provide our clients with competitive products with the best quality, Opaniel launches new power supplies.

These devices, with adjusted prices and a high efficiency, are available in a wide range of voltages. The ones with IP20 protection have from 60W to 400W (up to 250W without a fan), and those with IP67 protection from 20W to 350W.

Its compact, robust and light design makes them ideal for LED stripes and any kind of electronics. It also counts with protection for over load and over temperature, in case the electric installation fails. Its input/output terminal blocks are already prepared to make installation easier, and it has the possibility of regulation from 0 to 10V.

Contact us if you have any questions, and ask us about our special prices depending on order quantity.


OP-60: 12-24V, 60W OP-100: 12-24V, 100W
OP-150: 12-24V, 150W OP-200: 12-24V, 200W
OP-250: 12-24V, 250W OP-300: 12-24V, 300W
OP-350: 12-24V, 350W OP-400: 12-24V, 400W
OP-50 IP67: 12-24V, 50W OP-60 IP67: 12-24V, 60W
OP-80 IP67: 12-24V, 80W OP-100 IP67: 12-24V, 100W
OP-150 IP67: 12-24V, 150W OP-200 IP67: 12-24V, 200W
OP-250 IP67: 12-24V, 250W OP-300 IP67: 12-24V, 300W
OP-350 IP67: 12-24V, 350W