Summary IoT seminar in Valencia

In their eagerness for the expansion of new IoT technologies and connectivity, Matrix Electrónica delivered a training seminar on platforms and work in the cloud last week at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. There, a Matrix application engineer and the CEO and The Business Development Manager of IoTBlue, a company that has a long experience in the development of IoT platforms, explained the concept ot IoT, the differences between IoT and M2M, and explained the different elements that are part of an IoT solution, from the platform in the cloud, to the sensors, through the devices and connectivity protocols, firmware, etc.

During the afternoon, the second part of the seminar took place, focused on attendees who already had IoT projects. In this collaborative block dedicated to practical cases, those who wanted to could expose their real projects and look for possible IoT solutions together with our experts.

The seminar hosted about 30 attendees, who in addition to hearing about the operation of IoT management platforms, were able to share and participate with their own projects in a collaborative training environment. If you are interested but could not attend, you can download the presentation on IoT platforms in the following link (Spanish).

Stay tuned for future notifications to avoid missing the next seminars.

congatec EMEA Sales Partner GOLD prize

In Matrix Electrónica we’re happy to announce that for the third consecutive year we have received the EMEA Sales Partner GOLD prize from congatec, leader provider of industrial computer modules, surpassing one million dollars in purchases during the last year.

A few weeks ago, during the congatec anual partner meeting, we celebrated the awards to recognize the work of the most outstanding partners. There we were awarded with this prestigious prize that affirms our capacity for industrial modules sales. In Matrix Electrónica we are proud of the effort that our sales representatives make to cover our customer’s needs, which has been always at the center of our vision during our more than 25 years as a company.

We want to dedicate this prize to our customers, since none of this would be possible without their trust. It’s them who inspire us to keep working for a better world where new technologies can improve the quality of life for all of us.

MTX at IOTHINGS 2019 in Milan

IOTHINGS, the leader IoT event in Italy, will take place in Milan on April 3-4 at MIND, Milano Innovation District, and the hot topics will be: Cybersecurity / GDPR and Data Monetization for IoT.

Matrix Electrónica will attend the event with our innovative MTX devices, which range from a series of powerful routers, to our practical gateways and versatile modems, which are ideal for infinite IoT applications such as smart metering, house automation, transportation, among others. Our intuitive IoT platform Cervello would complete the solution, providing the necessary tool to receive, store and analyze the data, both in the cloud or on premises.

The success of last year’s event with 2200 participants, 123 sponsoring companies, exhibitors and partners, and an international and heterogeneous audience that attended 17 conference sessions with more than 196 speakers, anticipates a yet better edition this year that will tap on the most “disruptive” technologies in order to promote the development of the IoT ecosystem.

Don’t hesitate to visit our stand at the IOTHINGS.


TQ highlights at Embedded World 2019

Last month TQ introduced some of its products at the Embedded World 2019 event in Nuremberg. TQ’s highlights ranged from the latest processor technologies with QorIQ Layerscape, i.MX8 and AM57xx to SMARC as the link between ARM and x86 and solutions for IIoT and Smart Manufacturing.


TQ presented a new concept for a mini module based on the LS1028A from NXP. The TQMLS1028AL module, based on a 64-bit dual-cortex A72, features a four-port TSN (time-sensitive networking) switch integrated into the CPU. In addition, this module offers two additional Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and GPU-supported graphics that can drive displays with up to 4K. With a small size of 55 x 44 mm, TQ has developed a module for the highest real-time requirements. In addition, up to two PCIe and two USB 3.0 interfaces can be used for fast data communication. Depending on requirements, a wide range of intelligent HMI controllers up to energy-efficient routers, gateways and data loggers can be implemented.

TQ also exhibited its modules for the i.MX8 CPU series from NXP. A highlight this time is the TQMa8Mx module based on the i.MX8M, which is available with three different Cortex A53 CPU variants. As usual, all interfaces are made available to the user. On a size of only 55 x 36 mm the user can choose between several graphic interfaces with display support up to 4K, all audio functions as well as USB 3.0 and PCIe. Among other things, this module offers access to two digital camera interfaces (MIPI-CSI / four lanes) for direct connection of camera chips and an integrated cortex M4 controller to support the main CPU for implementing security functions. This new TQ module is the optimal platform to develop systems with a focus on audio and video applications.

Embedded module TQMa8Mx



With the MBox-Advanced, TQ offers a very compact and reliable embedded PC that shows its strengths especially in the field of Smart Manufacturing. With its four TSN-capable Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports, it is particularly suitable as a communication node in the factory floor combined with machine vision applications for optical inspection and robotics. Equipped with the powerful Intel Atom Quad-Core Processor E3950 (Apollo Lake-I), additional tasks such as high-resolution visualization, operation and local data logging can be covered simultaneously. Additional interfaces such as a 4K UHD-capable DisplayPort output, USB 2.0 and RS-232 are available for this purpose. In a live demo, the MBox-Advanced demonstrated its capabilities in the interaction between machine vision, robotics, automation technology and typical IoT use cases such as predictive maintenance.

With further demos from the IoT, Industry 4.0 and AI sectors, TQ showed examples of the wide range of applications for its modular embedded platforms, which are available both as pure hardware kits and as finished box PC/gateway versions. The complete performance spectrum is covered, starting with the extremely economical ARM i.MX6 UltraLite and the communication-friendly QorIQ Layerscape through to the latest Intel Core processors from TQ.

TQ-Box-PC MBox-Advanced


With the TQMT1022, the TQ range of available module variants of the TQMT10xx series is growing. The dual-core CPU reduces power consumption even further compared to the TQMT1040 and TQMT1042 modules already available. As with the modules already available, dual SATA interfaces for direct data storage as well as high-speed communication through up to five Gigabit Ethernet and four PCle 2.0 interfaces enable the application to be scaled to exact requirements in the simplest possible way.

The technology company TQ-Group offers the complete range of E²MS services from development, through production and service right up to product life cycle management. The services cover assemblies, equipment and systems including hardware, software and mechanics. Customers can obtain all services from TQ on a modular basis as individual services and also as a complete package according to their individual requirements. Standard products such as Embedded CPU modules (Computer-on-Modules), drive and automation solutions complete the range of services.

For more information about TQ products, contact us through our website or your sales representative.

When to use SMARC modules in your project





El continuo avance en el desarrollo de procesadores y la sucesiva aparición de nuevas y mejores interfaces condicionan la vida de los estándares cuando a módulos embebidos nos referimos. La evolución tanto de la tecnología como de los requerimientos técnicos de los proyectos, ¿justificarían la proliferación de desarrollos basados en SMARC en lugar de otros estándares más asentados? ¿En qué casos puede ser sin lugar a duda SMARC la opción recomendable para un proyecto? Estas y otras preguntas serán el foco principal de este whitepaper.

The continuous advance in the develpment of the processors and the subsequent new and improved interfaces condition the life and the standards regarding embeded modules. The evolution of the technology and the technical requirements of the projects, would they justify the proliferation of the develpments based on SMARC instead of other standards more established? In which cases can SMARC be the recommendable option for a project? This and other questions will be the main focus of this whitepaper (in Spanish).

You can download here the whitepaper about SMARC modules, or view it below:

Matrix Electrónica at Rail Live! 2019

A new edition of Rail Live! is coming from March 5th to 7th in the Exhibition Centre in Bilbao, where more than 150 exhibitors will show the innovations that are transforming the railway industry, which is in constant change.

During those days Matrix Electrónica will present the MTX-RailStar, a new connectivity proposal specifically designed for railway and transportation applications. This industrial router is still in testing mode. It has railway certification EN50155, as well as E13/ISO7637 (vehicles), and IEC60945 (marine). It will feature communications thanks to our integrated module MTX-miniPCIe-Cefiro, and with the powerful software MTX-Titan with advanced functionalities such as DHCP server, NAT, CSD call manager, gateways from 4G to RS232/USB, external sensors dataloggers, DynDNS/NoIP client, remote firmware upgrade, among others. In combination with Cervello IoT platform, this complete equipment is ideal for any transportation solution. You can get more detailed information about these devices on our Rail Live! stand.

In our space we will also feature some of our represented brands like Axiomtek, with its equipments for the transportation and railway industry, and Congatec, with all its modules. We will also feature all the equipments and modules from Advantech, as well as TQ modules and ATP memories.

During the event there will be more than 3000 visitors that will be able to chose from 3 high level conferences and 300 international speakers from Renfe, Adif, Transport of London and Metro Taipei among others. The conference will last 3 days and will focus on giving innovative solutions to the industry through the new technologies. The exhibition is free and will take place during the last 2 days, March 6th and 7th.

Don’t miss this key appointment, we’ll wait for you at the stand B-78.

New Catalogue 2019 / 2020

From Matrix Electrónica we want to start our new year with the new catalogue of Vertical Solutions 2019 / 2020 (Spanish). In this updated catalogue, apart from a brand new layout, you will find our highlighted products organized under the following sections: 

  • Metering
  • Energy
  • Industrial automation
  • Transportation
  • Gaming & vending
  • Traffic
  • Building automation
  • Medical & fitness
  • Security
  • Unified communications
  • LED lighting

This year we have extended some sections like metering, traffic and LED lighting, and each category highlights our most relevant related products. Don’t forget you can check the rest of our wide variety of products on our website,

For inquiries about any of our products, you can contact your sales representative in Matrix Electrónica, or go to our contact page.

For a 2019 where technology keeps bringing us together.

Merry Christmas… and connected New Year!

In Matrix Electrónica we are always thinking about ways to improve the connectivity of our customers, so we want to wish you happy Holidays and a more and better connected New Year.

Our hope for these days of celebration and for 2019 to have technology bring us closer and to help create more accesibility, security and sustainability for all.


The Matrix team,


Being a leading provider of NAND and DRAM flash memory module solutions with high performance, superior quality and durability, ATP has a series of industrial SD cards at the head of the market.

With reliable performance in any environment, these reinforced flash products are designed to work constantly in conditions of extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and humidity. Its SIP (System-in-Packaging) manufacturing process, encapsulates all exposed components and points of failure to ensure that the products are fully waterproof (IEC 60529 IPX7), dustproof (IEC 60529 IP6X), shockproof, and ESD (electrostatic discharge). The memories can withstand an extended temperature range from -40ºC to +85ºC.

ATP SD/SDHC/SDXC industrial cards are designed for applications in demanding sectors such as automotive, healthcare, aviation, where there is critical data that requires the highest level of reliability, duration, and data integrity. SD/uSD and CF cards are available in different NAND Type configurations (MLC, SLC and SLC mode).

All ATP products come with a fixed BOM policy, which will guarantee the very same product over the entire lifespan until it becomes EOL.


Industrial Micro SD

Within the family of industrial SD cards, the ATP micro SD has multiple features for industrial applications such as military, automotive, marine, aviation, etc. Their MTBF (meantime between failures) at 25°C is 5,000,000 hours, and it has capacities from 512MB to 64GB.



Industrial Compact Flash

Another kind of cards within the ATP SD series is the Compact Flash. Its S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) functionality controls different resistance and reliability parameters, signaling activity outside the normal range. This information helps predict storage errors to take preventive measures. Their MTBF (meantime between failures) at 25 ° C is 2,000,000 hours, and it has capacities from 512MB to 32GB.

New Knowledge Center

The new Knowledge Base is here. This new website tool, allows any user to access in a simple and intuitive way to all the MTX software manuals indexed contents:

  • MTX-Titan: firmware built-in in all the MTX-Router-Titan family devices.
  • MTX-Tunnel: optional firmware compatible will all MTX modems, turning them into powerful 4G/3G/2G gateways (coming soon).

The MTX website Knowledge Base is a functionality that will grow as more contents are added. Right now it has all the contents of the manuals of the Titan and Tunnel, and soon it will feature all the application notes. Its biggest perk are the internal links within the content, that allow to easily navigate the different sections. In addition, there’s a table of contents on the right column, so the user can go to a different section without the need to go back. This tool is specifically made to help users with questions about MTX software, so they can easily find answers.

You can access to the Knowledge Base from the main menu “SUPPORT.” You can also have a look on the following link.