CPU RISC Embedded Modules Seminar

TQ and Matrix organize a CPU RISC embedded modules seminar thinking of all of those who are considering to develop ARM based projects. It will take place on Tuesday November 21st in Madrid, Wedenesday November 22nd in Valencia and Thursday November 23rd in Barcelona. The seminar speakers will be a embedded systems applications engineer from Matrix and a technitian from TQ, and their objective will be to help atendees to start their ARM projects and to solve any questions they have regarding these kind of processors.

During the seminar there will be step by step demos, and examples of ARM design real life cases. Also, the highlights will be the TQMa6ULx/L and TQMa7x embedded modules, both based on NXP processors and combining ARM Cortex-A7 with other interfaces, and with an optimal performance and consumption balance.

The event, launched yesterday via our newsletter, is already filling up. Since spaces are limited, we recommend you to reserve your spot as soon as possible on our registration page. You can also suggest subjects you would like to see included in the agenda on the registration form. Also, you can visualize or download the seminary flyer on the same page. We will keep updated those who register with agenda changes, times, and other relevant information.



  • Why choose ARM or x86 architecture?
  • When to use a Module, SBC or design from chip?
  • What processor is the most appropriate?
  • What are the main issues to deal with when it comes to ARM based designs?
  • What can we do to drastically reduce the time to market of a given design?
  • How can we minimize risks when it comes to designs?
  • What tools are available?
  • Subjects suggested by atendees.

MTX at Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona

Save the date for November 14th-16th and visit MTX at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, the leading event in Smart City technology.

Every year since 2011, lots of companies attend to this event and this time, more than 600 exhibitors and 17000 are expected. Professionals from all sectors will represent more than 650 different cities and 400 experts and Smart City thought leaders will be sharing. A great oportunity for networking, this event will gather companies, public administratons, entrepreneurs and research centers who will present their projects and share solutions to advance together toward the city of the future.

The challenges of the Smart City are many, and MTX wants to join the effort to present technological solutions for an ever-changing environment in need of sustainable and efficient alternatives that answer to the demands of the current society.

To do that, MTX will highlight the new MTX-Router-Titan II, a new generation of powerful industrial routers with a new design, 3G/4G connectivity, a complete set of wired and wireless interfaces run by an ARM9 processor, and easy to integrate thanks to all its functionalities including Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, GPIOs, extended temperature range, etc. Apart from out routers, the participants will be able to interact with modems and other products as well.

They will also launch the innovative Cervello Device Manager, developed by IoTBlue and commercialized by Matrix Electrónica. Cervello Device Manager, a Software as a Service (Saas) cloud solution, is a software that manages and monitores IoT and M2M devices remotely, and has infinite posibilities, from gathering big data, remote control, traffic control, metering, etc.

Don’t miss this oportunity and visit the MTX stand in Gran Vía, hall P2, level 0, street F, stand 677. If you want to set up a meeting, use the contact link below.

More information: Smart City Expo World Congress
Set up a meeting: Contact MTX

Nuevo catálogo COM Express

We are happy to annoucne the new catalog featuring our COM Express modules, highly integrated and compact PCs that can be used in a design application much like integrated circuit components.

In this catalog you will find modules that are comercialized by Matrix Electrónica like Q7, SMARC and COM Express (tipo 10, tipo 6 y tipo 7) modules. The index will make it easier for you to find products, as well as the markers, which will link directly to the product page you are looking for. Each product features pictures and technical specifications.

You can have a look or download it here. If you want more information about any of our products contact with our sales team with the sidebar form.