New WebdynSun and WebdynSunPM, gateways for solar plants

We are back with a new release, this time of the new Webdyn gateways for solar plants, the WebdynSun and the WebdynSunPM.

These equipments are used to monitor and collect data from solar plants. In a single device, these gateways gather all the indicators of the inverters, the electricity meters and the environmental sensors (intensity of sunlight, temperature, wind speed, etc.). They format the data in CSV and send it periodically via GPRS, Ethernet or telephone network (STN) to a server. The WebdynSunPM also has Power Management, thus becoming a tailored autonomous solution to monitor, control and optimize photovoltaic installations.

New WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868 MHz, wireless gateway for heating

We are back with a new release, the WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868MHz gateway. This hub is designed for wireless networks using Wireless M-Bus radio technology. Its main functions are autonomous data collection from M-Bus wireless meters or sensors. The ease of installation and configuration via Bluetooth BLE allows for immediate field efficiency. This new product works with a battery with autonomy of up to 10 years.

Telemetry of heat cost allocators

Due to the recent European regulations that oblige buildings with centralized heating to carry out an individualized measurement of the energy consumption of their radiators, a new need arises to achieve greater efficiency in this process. To achieve individualized measurement of the consumption of each home, in most cases it is necessary to install eitherheat cost allocators in each radiator (vertical installation) or a heating meter in the pipes that enter the home (horizontal installation). Both devices send the information via Wireless M-bus. To save the staff the trips to the installation, the market is evolving towards intelligent IoT systems that, through the existence of Wireless M-Bus concentrators, collect all the data periodically and transmit it to a server where it will be interpreted by a final platform.

Device: WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868MHz, wireless gateway for metering

Platform: FTP

The heating cost individualization aims to make users aware of their energy consumption by calculating their bills using their actual consumption. This consumption is calculated using devices that determine how much heat or cold is used inside each home. There are currently two main solutions available:

Individual thermal energy meters: individual thermal energy meters are installed. They are placed at the entrance of the houses and are used to measure the amount of heat or cold used directly using Wireless M-Bus. They are used in horizontal installations, and one meter is required for each dwelling.

Heating cost distribution devices: when it is economically feasible and technically possible to install individual meters, heat cost allocators are installed that are placed directly on the radiators. These measure the temperature difference between the radiator and the room and therefore calculate how much heat is used effectively using Wireless M-Bus as well. These devices are specially adapted to buildings with vertical circuits for hot water distribution.

Due to these characteristics, it is necessary to have a Wireless M-Bus concentrator that performs the data collection function in a smart and automated way. This concentrator must also have high penetration cellular connectivity to be able to transmit information to the cloud from facilities in meter rooms or maintenance rooms in large buildings, without losing coverage. In addition, to reduce maintenance costs and facilitate field deployment, it would be interesting if it had a battery and energy autonomy for years as well as IP protection against humidity.

The WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868MHz hub meets these and other requirements by being designed for wireless networks using Wireless M-Bus radio technology on the 868MHz frequency. Its main functions are autonomous data collection from M-Bus wireless meters or sensors. The ease of plug & play installation and remote configuration via Bluetooth BLE allows for immediate field efficiency. This new product works with a battery with autonomy of up to 10 years, with the possibility of also connecting to an external 12V current. For added security, it encrypts the data it collects and sends directly to an FTP. It allows its installation both on a DIN rail and on a wall, and has IP67 protection, which makes it resistant to dust, wind, rain, and other adverse elements in case of being installed outdoors. Its small size makes it ideal for installation in limited spaces where conventional equipment does not fit.

The WebdynEasy W M-Bus 868MHz collects all the information from the heat cost allocators at its fingertips via Wireless M-Bus, stores the data and sends it to the cloud via LTE-M1 in the established connection windows. The data is sent to an FTP server so that the final platform can use it for cost distribution.

New catalog of Vertical Solutions

Our new Matrix Electrónica catalog of Vertical Solutions 2021/2022 is here. In this updated catalog, in addition to a new design, you will find Matrix’s featured products sorted by industry, with new sections, new products and all the main brands on the market.


In the new edition of the vertical solutions catalog, we highlight some of its new sections such as IoT and Smart City, which bring together new products for a wide range of connectivity projects for smart cities. The previous sections of Home Automation and Industrial Automation are now BMS & Smart Building and Industry 4.0 respectively, more adapted to current sectors. There are also the new sections of Smart Agriculture, for the rural sector, and Military & Aerospace.


In the catalog you will find a wide range of new products organized by industry to help you design a complete solution to guarantee synergies between the different manufacturers and to be able to offer all the elements to make your project come true.


Matrix Electrónica has a wide range of the main brands in the market, such as Webdyn, congatec, Inventronics, Produal, Advantech, ATP, TT Electronics, among others. At Matrix we make sure that our brands meet the highest standards of quality and customer service.



Which modem is ideal for your IoT solution?

MTX has different IoT modems that adapt to infinite solutions with different requirements and needs. From the large number of inputs and outputs of the MTX-IoT-S, to the basic MTX-IoT-XS, MTX-T and MTX-T2 modems, through the modular and adaptable MTX-IoT. Discover at a single glance which of our IoT modems best suits your needs.

All MTX modems incorporate MTX-Tunnel software.


Webdyn becomes part of Flexitron Group and joins forces with MTX

At Matrix Electrónica we are very excited to announce that Webdyn, a specialist in energy and environment markets, has joined the family of the technology investment holding Flexitron Group.

Due to the recent acquisition of Webdyn by the Flexitron Group, Webdyn and MTX customers will have a more complete catalog for all types of solutions for smart city, energy control, or metering. The synergy between MTX, specialized in generic devices and communications equipment for vertical sectors, and Webdyn, an expert in concentrators, gateways, end equipment and sensors for smart grid, smart building and photovoltaic segments, could not be more ideal, since both brands are focused on different areas of the same kind of market, and thus they become a provider with a unique ability to meet any IoT project need.

Webdyn, founded by Philippe Faugeras in 2000 has been a pioneer in the development of IoT solutions with a unique portfolio and footprint in Smart Metering and Energy Control markets. Webdyn is particularly well-known for its WebdynSun Product portfolio, which enables photovoltaic developers and operators to manage their solar farms more efficiently and its WebdynEasy product range for smart building applications. Webdyn’s products are sold worldwide, and particularly in Europe and India where Webdyn has a subsidiary. The company has been backed by Kreaxi and Trophy Investissement who are successfully selling their shares to Flexitron Group.

Flexitron Group is a Spanish conglomerate focusing on IoT sectors. The group has its headquarters in Madrid with employees worldwide with offices in Europe, Africa, Latin America, USA and Asia. Some of its major companies include Matrix (with the brand MTX) for IoT hardware solutions, IoTBlue for IoT software and Taxitronic, the global leader in taxi management solutions.  MTX devices are part of all kinds of IoT solutions wordlwide, with active projects in sectors such as smart transportation, smart city, metering or industry 4.0.. Taxitronic has more than 150,000 active taximeters on the market and more than 30,000 data terminals connected to a radio taxi with Taxitronic technology, with a presence in the main countries of Western Europe, North America (especially New York), the Middle East and North Africa. The group is privately owned and led by José María Vilallonga Presas & José Luis Vicente García.

Philippe Faugeras is very pleased with the acquisition by Flexitron Group: “ As a founder, I was looking for an acquirer who would help us continue to grow Webdyn with a similar entrepreneurial spirit. First, we identified strong products and market synergies between the two entities. Second, we liked Flexitron Group’s team. We share a common vision in terms of on our goal to contribute to energy transition and believe our teams can work well together to leverage those synergies. We are very happy to be joining forces.”

For José María Vilallonga Presas, chairman of the Flexitron group, Webdyn is a nice fit in the Flexitron Group family: “Webdyn has a unique product portfolio: customers love their products and appreciate their functionalities and quality. Our team saw the market potential of Webdyn’s portfolio and how we can extend Webdyn’s reach with our market access. In addition, we believe that the staff of Flexitron Group and Webdyn share common values of trust, ethics, and professionalism. We are very excited to welcome Webdyn into the Flexitron Group.”



Webdyn is a specialist in industrial IoT solutions with a unique footprint in energy and environment markets. Webdyn core products are concentrators, gateways, end points and sensors for Smart Grids, Smart Building & Photovoltaic segments. Webdyn has unique expertise in cellular, Lora, Wireless-Mbus, RF and PLC technologies. Webdyn has 30 employees based in Saint Germain outside Paris and in New Dehli, India.

More information:


Twitter: @M2MWebdyn (


Download our press release here.

MTX in the Smart City Summit & Expo, Taiwan 2021

For the first time in a very long time, MTX is attending an event, this time in Taiwan. Yes, we’re talking about the Smart City Summit & Expo, which will take place on March 23-26 in Taipei.

The SCSE is an internationally renowned IoT solution fair with several years of experience, which made Taiwan a HUB for Smart City technology, and this year it will include a Smart Healthcare Expo in its program. Among all the prevention measures taken, the Smart City Online platform will allow to access some of the events online for those who can’t be there. However, our Taiwan team will be attending alongside Go Smart, one of the main networks for Smart City solutions worldwide. So from March 23 to 26, MTX staff will be in the Go Smart pavilion, where they will be ready to guide customers through our portfolio of IoT devices and solutions.

Our innovative IoT modems, routers and gateways, as well as our IoT platform Cervello Stem, are able to offer countless IoT solutions, along with our new IoT Digital Systems, holistically design to provide fully-equipped turnkey solutions for all kinds of IoT projects, including hardware, software and firmware. Don’t hesitate to visit us at Nangang Exhibition Center 2.

New MTX catalog: product launches, IoT solutions, case studies

Our portfolio continues to grow, and with it our catalog for 2021, where you can see all our new stuff, including new routers, gateways and modems, our new Digital Systems that create complete solutions with hardware and software, new practical applications in our case studies, and last but not least, the new Cervello Stem IoT Platform.

Some of the new devices you can find in the MTX 2021 catalog are:

  • MTX-Router-EOS: a compact entry level router with LTE, dual SIM and 3x Ethernet ports.
  • MTX-Router-Titan-Q: another entry level router with 4G, dual SIM, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, WiFi, battery, internal power and built-in MTX-Titan software.
  • MTX-StarSensor: a 4G modem for sensor control and monitoring applications, with IP67, Ultra Low Power, batteries and 10 years of autonomy.
  • MTX-StarBMS: 4G IoT gateway with 6 universal inputs, 6 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs, and 4 digital outputs, plus Niagara for building management system solutions.
  • MTX-StarEnergy-E: industrial modem for electrical metering with 4G, RS232 and RS485, and AC&DC power supply.
  • MTX-StarWater: an intelligent communication system with NB-IoT for water metering with a special firmware to read the frames of the meters.

MTX smart digital systems provide turnkey solutions including hardware + software + firmware for specific markets:

  • MTX-DigitalECO System: comprehensive solution for selective waste collection that ranges from container opening and monitoring control, truck connectivity, applications for users and operators, as well as a platform that acts as a unified operations center.
  • MTX-DigitalWater System: for collecting and sending water meter measurements through NB-IoT, which works with all meter brands and management platforms thanks to Cervello Stem as Head-EndSystem, which acts by unifying the frames.
  • MTX-DigitalHeat System: system for wireless telemetry of heating cost distributors.

The expanded section of the case studies explores how our equipment, together with the Cervello Stem platform, provides endless solutions for different vertical applications.

Among the case studies collected are solar installations (MTX-Router-EOS), storage silos (MTX-StarSensor), data center monitoring (MTX-Router-Titan II-S) and smart metering (MTX-IoT-S).

Cervello Stem is an IoT platform in the cloud designed by IoTBlue (Flexitron Group) that allows connecting an unlimited number of IoT devices for easy management and control in a fast and secure way without the need for a development team. Its features allow easy inventory and device management, alarm creation, visual dashboards, and much more.


Let’s build a better 2021 together

At Matrix Electrónica and MTX we never stop working for a world with better connectivity, having placed special emphasis on our R&D department this year.

We want to wish all our customers a happy Holidays and a better New Year.


The MTX team

New MTX-DigitalWater System, smart IoT system for the telemetry of water meters

MTX-DigitalWater System is a smart system for the collection of water meter measurements and their sending through narrow band communications (NB-IoT or Cat-M). A Head End System platform extracts and unifies the information to send it, regardless of the meter brand and the final platform.



MTX-DigitalWater System collects data from water meters using any of the accepted interfaces (Wireless M-Bus, M-Bus, Pulses or RS485) thanks to the MTX-StarWater.


  Wireless M-Bus: under development
  M-bus: under development
  Pulse input: testing
  RS485 modbus: testing
  Bus UNE82326: reading of frames A+, B and C at different frequencies depending on the configuration


It stores the collected data in the internal memory of the MTX-StarWater and sends it, in the configured connectivity windows, through NB-IoT or Cat-M.


Cervello Stem acts as Head End System, unifying frames and protocols and sending the informationto the final platform.


The final platform receives a single data frame, integrating the system with any brand of water meters and any final platform. In addition, Cervello Stem also functions as an IoT Platform for device management (allowing remote configuration and updating) and visualization of received data for monitoring and maintenance.

Let’s get into the history of innovation.

Development of IoT solutions. Manufacture and distribution of modules and electronic equipment.

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