Nuevas fuentes Opaniel

In our zeal to always provide our clients with competitive products with the best quality, Opaniel launches new power supplies.

These devices, with adjusted prices and a high efficiency, are available in a wide range of voltages. The ones with IP20 protection have from 60W to 400W (up to 250W without a fan), and those with IP67 protection from 20W to 350W.

Its compact, robust and light design makes them ideal for LED stripes and any kind of electronics. It also counts with protection for over load and over temperature, in case the electric installation fails. Its input/output terminal blocks are already prepared to make installation easier, and it has the possibility of regulation from 0 to 10V.

Contact us if you have any questions, and ask us about our special prices depending on order quantity.


OP-60: 12-24V, 60W OP-100: 12-24V, 100W
OP-150: 12-24V, 150W OP-200: 12-24V, 200W
OP-250: 12-24V, 250W OP-300: 12-24V, 300W
OP-350: 12-24V, 350W OP-400: 12-24V, 400W
OP-50 IP67: 12-24V, 50W OP-60 IP67: 12-24V, 60W
OP-80 IP67: 12-24V, 80W OP-100 IP67: 12-24V, 100W
OP-150 IP67: 12-24V, 150W OP-200 IP67: 12-24V, 200W
OP-250 IP67: 12-24V, 250W OP-300 IP67: 12-24V, 300W
OP-350 IP67: 12-24V, 350W