Need M2M-IoT hardware? What to choose?

You have now learnt about what is M2M and all the advantages can help in increase your business. You already have own equipment or has a proyect needing 2G3G4G connectiviy but you have not experience in the communication area and want to made easy the integration of your hardware and control it remotely and possibility the remote telemetry. We can help you, with our M2MIot devices, but as always, there are many models and do not know what to choose. MTXM2M has a complete range of devices well differenciate, just few worlds to clarify them.

Modules. Need small integration. You have some industrial PC or some embedded computer card (Matrix distributes the best ones) and just one miniPCIe card slot. Now you need celullar communication but want to deploy Wifi access point or short bluetooth communication. MTX-Cefiro is the only one can gives you 3G, 3G+GPS with double Wifi combi Bluetooth/Wifi.

Wifi Bluetooth module Matrix

Modems. This is the most simple and economic version. But the most suitable for many M2M applications. MTXM2M modems features JAVA programmability so you will NOT require to touch anything of your already hardware or software machine. Connect your machine using RS232, RS485 and sensors and the internal JAVA code will do everything for you. Just configure. 2G, 3G, GPS, internal battery and some other features will adapt to your scenario. Some sensors can be connected in wireless mode, using ISM free bands RF cards. Our MTX-IoT is one of the most flexible feature model in the market. Very small integration is needing, even less if you use our MTX-TUNNEL application.

Java Modem 2G 3G 4G IoT-M2M mtxm2m

Gateways. Many times, simple serial ports modems are not enouth. You need more power. Need more interfaces: Ethernet, Wifi, CAN, USB OTG an more serial ports. You want to made many tunnelings and routing options. The modem is not enough so MTXM2M gateways are specific for you. It has inside a Linux core and you can programm yourself in many languajes. 3G or 4G card is normally attached. We offer OEM, IP65 housing as well as compact mode.

3G 4G ip65 Gateway mtxm2m

Routers. A M2M router is the perfect choose if you want to save your time without any programming compared with Gateway. Software featured: routing, tunnels, communications, and software protocols (VPN, Security, NAT… ) tothether with 4 Ethernet ports, Wifi, serials are the perfect choose to configure&connect in few minutes.

4G Router Ethernet ports mtxm2m

MTXM2M can help you. Our experts will recommend the most suitable hardware for your application, from simple telemetry and control, metering or smart city / IoT concentrator. Take a look to MTXM2M.COM or write us.


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