Berg Insight consulting includes Matrix Electronics as a prominent international M2M distributor

Berg Insight

Matrix Electronics has been included by the Swedish consulting firm Berg Insight, specializes in market research in M2M / IoT (Internet of Things), as one of the international distributors of reference in the sale of M2M terminals, acknowledging the work and growth the company throughout his career as a benchmark in the industry of communication between devices.

Berg Insight also predicts that M2M terminal market will grow at an annual rate of 16.1 percent over the next five years to reach 5.7 million units in 2020.

In their study, Berg Insight concludes that in 2015 2.7 million M2M terminals were sold, with an approximate value of $ 550 million. America and Asia were the two main regions in terms of number of devices sold, each 0.95 million, while Europe is in third place with about 0.70 million devices. In terms of sales, North America represents a 265 million dollars.  Asia is the second region with 140 million and Europe is the third with 130 million dollars. This is because the average price in North America is higher thanks to a higher proportion of terminals 4G LTE Routers and Gateway, while the Asian market is based on the production of lower cost terminals and modems 2G.

The Swedish consultant makes a list of the top vendors globally M2M terminals, among which has included Matrix Electronics as one of the leading companies, especially for the international impact on the IoT / M2M sector with our devices brand MTXM2M, designed, manufactured and distributed by Matrix Electronics.

Original News: Berg Insight