Wireless Sensors / Air Quality Sensors

Standard Wireless Technologies for Smart Buildings

LoRaWAN Solutions


Adeunis CO2/HR/TEMP Indoor Smart Building – LoraWAN 868 (ARF8373AB)


Adeunis 5V TVOC, PM1, PM2.5, PM10  BREATH – LoraWAN 868 (ARF8377AA)


Adeunis Delta-Pressure 2 I/O 1AI IP68- LoRaWAN 868 (ARF8283AA)


MTX-SensRF HR/TEMP/PB/CO2 IP66 – LoRaWAN 868 (EM500-CO2)


MTX-SensRF Gas CH4 Detector – LoraWAN 868 (GS101)


MTX-SensRF HR/TEMP/CO2 – Display+TraficLight Indic – LoRaWAN 868 (AM103)


MTX-SensRF HR/TEMP/MOV/LIGHT/CO2/TVOC/Atm Pres/O3/PM2.5/PM10 + Disp Indoor – LoRaWAN 868 (AM319)


MTX-SensRF HR/TEMP/MOV/LIGHT/CO2/TVOC/Barometric Pres + Disp Indoor – LoRaWAN 868 (AM107)

Proprietary Wireless Technologies for Smart Buildings

Enless Wireless


EnlessWireless CO2/VOC/HR/TEMP Sensor – LoRaWAN 868 (TX CO2 / VOC /T&H AMB 600-023)

Proprietary Wireless Technologies for Smart Buildings

Wireless Produal Proxima® MESH 2,4 GHz


MTX-Sensor CO2/HR/TEMP + Display – Wireless Proxima (WTR-D-CO2-RH)


MTX-Sensor CO2/HR/TEMP Black + Display – Wireless Proxima (WTRB-D-CO2-RH)


MTX-Sensor CO2/TEMP Indoor – Wireless Proxima (WTR-CO2)

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