Vertical Solutions Proposal by Flexitron

Flexitron presents a new publication where we analyze some of the most relevant vertical solutions for the Smart City of the future, based on the different options that exist in terms of sensors, hardware and software in Matrix Electrónica and other companies of the Flexitron Group.

With the increasing global urbanization, there is increasing effects on the environment, and a need for a new paradigm of urban management, more efficient and economically viable. The document aims to offer sustainable alternatives that improve the quality of life of citizens, focusing on key urban sectors like transportation, parking, power resources, waste management, lighting, air quality control, etc.

The publication develops different management examples for several solutions, analyzing the hardware and software equipment needed to make these connectivity projects happen. It also explores the pros and cons of these applications, and the effects they would have on the daily lives of the citizens of the Smart City. Thanks to the different companies that comprise Flexitron Group, Matrix is able to cover all the needs for the different vertical solutions: from sensors, to an IoT platform, to communication devices and accessories.

Below you can see the document, that you can also download here: