Sensores de Vibración (tilt) Inclinación y Choque (shock)

Tilt and Shock Vibration Sensors

Sensors to detect vibrations that allow awakening latent equipment such as GPS, active RFID tags, detect vibrations in motors, data loggers etc.

Sensors that activate when passing a certain degree of inclination, both horizontally and vertically. Designed for use in anti-theft tilt alarms.

Sensors to detect blows that exceed an acceleration threshold in G. Sensors for anti-shock alarms.

  • 200 and mini: Vibration, to wake up
  • 390: Horizontal at 0º
  • 6xx: Vertical with angles of 45, 60 and 70º
  • 8xx: Horizontal with angles of 15, 30 and 45º
  • ASx: Shock from 5G to 2000G in 2 axes.