CZ Current Sensors

It is a current sensor that can take a more accurate measurement under large disturbing magnetic field. Because of the small package, it is very suitable for applications that have many current paths in a limited area such as the distribution board and the three-phase inverter circuit.

  • Primary conductor built in coreless current sensor
  • Galvanic isolation between primary conductor and sensor IC
  • Size(D/W/H) 8.1×11.5×2mm
  • Power Supply 5V
  • Current consumption 12.5mA
  • Isolation voltage 3kV, 50/60Hz, 60s
  • Fast response time 2μs (typ.)
  • Temperature characteristic: total accuracy: typ±0.9%F.S.
  • Disturbing magnetic field suppression function
  • Operating temperature -40 to 125°C
  • Maximum effective current 40A
  • Primary conductor resistance 0.3mΩ
  • Status Under development