Control for driver – CNV-SNAP-AN0

The CNV-SNAP-AN0 is a self-contained, wireless network interface module that enables one or more Inventronics LED drivers to be controlled by Synapse Lighting Control networks. Synapse wireless control can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Powered by compatible LED drivers, its compact design and flexible deployment options make it ideal for placement in a wide array of luminaires.

  • For Use with Synapse SNAP® Mesh Networks to Control one or more Inventronics Controls-Ready LED Drivers
  • Powered by Inventronics Always-On 12V Auxiliary Supply; Eliminates the Need for External Power Packs
  • Utilizes Inventronics Dim-to-Off Capability, Eliminating the Need for an AC Switch or Relay
  • Utilizes Synapse DIM10-087-06
  • Commissioned Using Synapse SimplySNAP
  • Configured Through a Mobile-Friendly Wi-Fi or LAN-Accessible Interface
  • Radio: SNAP 2.4Ghz; 802.15.4
  • Range: Approximately 400 Feet
  • Convenient Mounting: Outside Junction Box or Luminaires
  • Suitable for Direct Sunlight Applications
  • Rated for IP66 and UL Dry/Damp/Wet Location
  • Flame Class; 5VA