Módulo PLC – GC8202

PLC module – GC8202

The GC8802 PLC module is a complete, ready-to-use system, supplied with firmware. Designed to be automatically configured and adapted to the variable conditions of the line, resulting in a robust communication system through the low voltage line.

  • OFDMA transceiver with 175kbps maximum datarate
  • Supports repeater mode to increase coverage in communications
  • Frequency: 5KHz to 500KHz
  • Frequency scanning tool to select the best of the 18 carrier channels, based on RSSI levels and the successful reception rate, from up to 8 nodes.
  • 3QPSK, 3BPSK, or 1BPSK
  • Configurable for FCC, Arib and CENELEC
  • Analogue front end (AFE) and aclopador circuit embedded
  • Scope of up to 3km (actual distance will depend on the particular conditions of the line)