These are our terms of sale

In this section we detail the conditions which will apply to the purchase of Matrix and listed on the back of our invoices, and either a result of your purchase via Internet, phone or fax.The shipment of products from Matrix implies knowledge and prior acceptance of these terms and conditions by the buyer.

These general conditions shall be those governing the relationship between buyer and Matrix except in case of an special agreement.

1. – Conditions of Sale

The payment of the purchase and your term will be agreed individually between Matrix Electronica SL and client. The purchase will be deemed made since the time of receipt of merchandise order. The obligation to provide the product purchased will come only from that time. The seller reserves the right at any time to change the environment and the payment period.
All product shipments are freight collect so the buyer pays any costs of transportation.The price of transport and their insurance and have been passed within the purchase price of the product, and appear as a cost in terms of concepts of the bill. The product will be shipped by the system operator and Matrix usual, except otherwise agreed.
The buyer will be responsible for all costs arising as a result of the delay in receiving the good or reject it without just cause accredited. In any case, these costs include a merely declarative: storage costs, assurance of product removal, transportation, and even if costs of lawyers and professionals.

2. – Payment

The payment of the product will be individually agreed between Matrix Electronica SLand client. The currency used is the euro.

3. – Applicable law

The sale held pursuant to these shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Kingdom of Spain.

4. – Shipping. Taxation

The shipping of the product are the responsibility of the buyer. These expenses are included in the purchase price and reflected as such, and correctly disclosed in the bill of purchase.
The sales transaction is also subject to payment of the taxes that apply as appropriate in accordance with applicable regulations. Where appropriate, the bill will reflect the concept of the tax and its amount.
The buyer will be responsible and liable for payment of taxes levied on the purchase and sale.

5. – Risk of Loss

The liability for loss or damage during transportation of the product corresponds to the Matrix if the carrier was elected by it. The ownership of the product is the buyer from the time the product is remitted or made available.

6. – Claims for errors or product damage

The buyer may apply to Matrix by mistake or defect in the goods delivered within five days from the time of product delivery, provided by the written complaint to justify the reason for it.

7. – Limits of Warranty

Matrix ensures that the products supplied meet the specifications of their specifications and are free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the goods.
During the guarantee period the purchaser may refer to products purchased Matrix for repair or replacement. However, this will require that the buyer has previously communicated in writing to the incidence matrix and that it has granted in writing the corresponding RMA (Return Material Authorization) to return material.
Items returned under warranty should be in the same condition they were received and without having been tampered with or modified, and must be returned in the same packaging in which they were sent.
However, Matrix reserves the right to refuse the repair or replacement of products returned under this warranty if they have been manipulated or showing that they are not in their original state.
Products outside the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at the request of the buyer. In this case, apply the current repair rates or the price of the then applicable.

8. – Exclusion of other Assurances

Matrix offers on products not sold any other express or implied, except those expressed in these conditions. Especially not guarantee that the product purchased meets the special expectations of the buyer. Matrix is ​​not liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage resulting from the use, utilization or exploitation of its products.
However, the maximum amount for which Matrix will respond to infringements of the guarantees provided in these conditions amount to the invoice amount of product supplied.
Matrix is ​​not responsible and assumes no liability expressed or implied by the use of medical devices or products to support health services.

9. – Applicable law

The buyer and Matrix agree that this contract shall be governed in all respects under Spanish law.

10. – Software

All software provided is subject to the license agreement that accompanies the product.The buyer and its customers are bound by the license agreement.

11. – Jurisdiction and competence

The parties expressly renounce any jurisdiction that may apply specifically to choose to have the resolution of any dispute regarding these terms and conditions, business operations developed thereunder, or any other dispute that may arise from the same jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Courts of capital Madrid, Spain.

For any questions about your bill or request please contact Matrix on the phone: 91-560 27 37, fax: 91-565 28 65, e-mail: